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Curious on what courses are included the ALL ACCESS PASS?

Check out some of our current courses

  • Basic obedience for puppies and adult dogs
  • How to feed your puppy
  • Hand feeding
  • How to crate train
  • Puppy Fun Stuff/ Puppy Luring
  • How to build a confident puppy
  • Separation anxiety
  • Raising a puppy
  • Puppy and competition healing
  • Potty training
  • Dealing with puppy energy
  • Building a confident puppy
  • First stage of puppy grip development
  • Introducing and teaching the break command
  • Stacking commands
  • Free shaping place and crate
  • Engagement
  • Implied stay
  • Realistic goals
  • The fun stuff
  • E collar usage 
  • How to warm up / cool down your dog 
  • Motivating behaviors
  • How to pet your dog
  • Backwards heel
  • Loose leash walking the foundation
  • Focus: Eye Contact versus engagement
  • Correcting behaviors
  • Utilizing Theory to problem solve
  • Socialization + social etiquette
  • Dog integration multiple dog household
  • How to use a clicker
  • Correction collars
  • Tug
  • Place Training
  • Crate Training
  • Heel & Fuss
  • Sit, down and stand 
  • Working for food
  • Full Body Awareness
  • Recall
  • Luring 2.0
  • Distance Positions
  • Positions in Motion
  • Corrections without repeating
  • Motivating with E Collar
  • Deaf Dog Intro
  • Loading the Clicker
  • E-collar 
  • Decoy groundwork
  • Building response to pressure
  • How to catch a French ring dog
  • Forming the remote transport
  • Teaching directionals for multiple decoy scenarios
  • How to train the flee attack
  • Working level 1 surprise scenarios
  • Adult dog grip development
  • Purpose of having correct foundation bites
  • Decoy workshop
  • Grip development
  • Thinking outside the box handling in the upper levels from a trial decoys mindset
  • Intro to decoying
  • Teaching the stopped attack / call off without a decoy
  • Adding pressure in fight work
  • The baton making intro conditioning the stick without a decoy
  • Forming secondary targets for Fend-offs
  • Intro to the handler attack
  • Intro to muzzle conditioning
  • The decoy mindset
  • Intro to French ring biting technique and baton work


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Frequently Asked Questions

The All-Access Pass gives you access to over 60 online training workshops (with new classes added every month), dog-related entertainment, decoy training, decoy lifestyle videos, and exclusive content around K9 Street League

The All-Access Pass is charged on a monthly basis.


All subscriptions are on a month-to-month base. If you do not like what we offer (but we know you will), you can cancel at any time.

The membership is ever-growing!

Every month there will be new workshops, live recordings, behind-the-scenes, lifestyle videos and they will be added to your access pass. You can rewatch all content as much as you want, anytime!


Primal Canine is not your average dog training company and we do not practice your typical dog training methods. Our method is not based on purebred dogs raised with proper imprinting and born with good temperament. Our method was created by rescuing and training all types of dogs regardless of their breed, temperament, size, and age, and placing them in a loving home. We understand that not all dogs learn the same way, and forcing certain training methods can actually cause more problems than help the existing ones. This is why we work with you and your dog to tailor our training program around your dog's specific needs.

We believe training should be a fun and an enjoyable experience for you and your pack. Our main goal is to not only produce well trained happy dogs, but it is also to reinforce the bond between owner and dog as well to create a clear form of communication between the two.  

 "We don't train dogs, we train dog trainers." 

 - Mike Jones (Head Trainer & Founder)



PRIMAL CANINE (@primalcanine)

LOCATION: Gilroy, California

Tailored dog trainer who works with all breeds, sizes, ages, behaviors and temperaments across the United States.


GRASSROOTS K9 (@k9_mike)

LOCATION:  Toronto, Canada / Maryland, USA / Ottawa, Canada

An international trainer focused on offering seminars, training and workshops to LEO and Civilians aimed at giving actionable training plans.



LOCATION: Mountain View, California

I'm creating a program of exercises specifically designed for movements that are done by the decoys.  Exercises that will be chosen not only to mimic movements that are done by decoys.  Exercises that will be chosen not only to mimic movements but to increase the longevity of the individuals working capacity and to prevent injuries.

There will be exciting new classes and updates!

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Stay in touch with Primal Canine

Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates.